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New leases

Implementing new lease standards requires significant resources and expertise, so it is best to engage outside advisors before beginning the implementation. This can help to prevent errors and higher costs once implementation begins. Before beginning the implementation, it is important to identify the resources required and how the new standards should be implemented within a given timeline. This guide also provides examples and best practices for the implementation process. You will find useful information in this chapter, as well as examples of the new standards for operating leases.

A new lease standard requires entities to recognize the underlying asset as a separate asset and liability for future lease payments. The assets must be identified as separate and explicitly identifiable. Some leases are embedded in vendor contracts or service agreements, but these are generally not included in the assets themselves. If the lease is a right-of-use asset, it is classified as an asset. It is important to separate the lease expense from non-lease expenses so the accounting treatment is correct.

New launches

In case you’re looking for a new apartment or home, you’ve come to the right place. During the initial phase of a new project, developers often offer attractive price discounts, which can help you lock in your price before the rates increase. This is one of the main reasons why investors prefer to buy property during the new launch phase. Many reasons can cause a property price hike after the new launch phase, including a rise in demand, new infrastructural developments in the area, or revised laws. Either way, opting for a newly launched project can save you a considerable amount of money, which you can then use for future expenses.

While the uncertainty in the housing market has dampened the Property news market, developers have pushed ahead with new launches, hoping to attract a buyer base that’s willing to wait for a better deal. This year, developers are planning to launch 40 new projects, with close to half of them in the Outer Central Region. These new launches are located in various districts and will have estimated launch dates. While prices may be higher than resale prices in many areas, the first wave of tenants will enjoy huge bargains.

New leases for domestic partners

A recent piece of property news discussed a new lease type that excludes domestic partners. These new leases, or month-to-month agreements, are a solution to the housing crisis and mortgage access challenges faced by low-income families and individuals. They are the first program of its kind to provide affordable housing to those in need without relying on government subsidies. It also provides a path to homeownership for those who qualify.